Friday, October 16, 2015

Timmie Go get it!!

It is very important for me to reach people through my poetry and art, but to also profess my faith in Christ and witness to them. I was brought to the Lord this way, and it feels right for me to do it in this manner... so Please continue to follow, watch or even learn from me as I
I was listening to these ladies a few weeks ago "Mary,Mary, and they sang this song I wrote some of my thoughts from that song which inspired me...This is one of the pieces from that Journal It's called Timmie Go get it....Besides timmie being an old also means... T-houghts I-n M-y M-ind I-nspiring & E-levating Listen up! Elevation to celebration-I’m about that der And you haters trying to put the blind on my grind I still shine, you understand that there? Don’t test Dubbs patience….it aint gon be good for you I put that on everything I own. Tim’s been around for a minute- but Dubb-U is how I’m known. It aint much y'all gon tell me, that my grandma ain't already said- I put it all in words and pictures, trying to teach & at the same time earn my bread. The things she hipped me to, there was not one thing wrong And those that know of my work Know that I always come strong. So you haters……..keep on-keeping on, trying to block my shine with your shade- realize this though if God did not want me to shine with this gift to uplift this one of a kind mode-l he would not have made feel me? It’s like I’m looking through these lenses to see where I’m supposed to be Growing stronger, aspiring to new heights I’m not anything like the person, as you may have remembered me. Looking back is cool, but this is a new day and a new T If you did not know- you gon soon see, Teaching, stressing positivity & engaging consciousness. Can’t stop my hustle Don’t trip on the things I've been through, cause those things helped build my muscle My faith…Yes y’all it ain't small, it is though what has brought me this far See I got big dreams, and I say big prayers, and I got a big God and he, like the staple singers said "I'll Take you there" See everyone has a season, and I know this one is mine Cause I been working, and waiting and this is what I been praying for And I’m gon go get it, go get it........ get my shine on I’m getting it, getting it, getting it, I’m getting my blessing... Listen up y’all It’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time- I strive to live the good life and help others achieve I'm too busy recognizing the blessing to be stressing Straight up... That’s what I practice and believe, I I hit the floor and get on them knees Thanking Christ for allowing me to see the forest through the trees. Listen…It’s cool to crawl before you walk And aint no trippin if you walk before you run But the truth is You have to step out on and with faith----to do things you have never done I’m speaking from the classroom of life Meaning that the things we face- we have to go through The lessons are taught daily, but the question is........ What type of student are you? Like Johnny Taylor said “I aint scared to testify” I can’t deny that God has truly blessed me. I was birthed with sight, but did not have vision till recently The mercy he has supplied me with has multiplied And my love for my God can’t be denied For me It’s official I’m getting it, I’m getting it, I’m getting it, I’m getting my blessing Listen up y’all it’s my time, it’s my time It's what? It’s Dubbs time

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


She is the resuscitation That I needed When my belief in true love Was going into cardiac arrest... And it had nothing to do With sex But it was more about her Cerebral caress... She's always a lady but More than a woman I confess.... And she did it all Without dropping the ball Using her spiritual finesse... Lust exists in the flesh But love comes From within the spirit So I choose to touch Her mind, body and soul Where most men Remain incoherent... But true love is stellar And I didn't even have to tell her Because if love is a house I intend to go From the attic to the cellar She even finishes my sentences With remnants of greatness She go hard about God And I know that I will never forsake it... We let our minds be free But it's only our dreams That return naked... So dirty minds Will never find time To take this mental bread To the head ...and break it She distances Herself from false witnesses And the difference is She knows what A gift this is... But the true magic Is the way that We settle our differences... And if love is a crime I hope my sentence is... Life without parole She touches my soul The definition and description Of two halves made whole... X-X-O Text messages go From her sweet lips To her fingertips Whoa... Nice and slow We let the scriptures roll And you can bet that I know God It's all in my flow Because the devil is deceivin' And seeing ain't always believin' But with God in our lives There's no such thing As underachievin' And I don't need a reason To put God first I don't need false prophets To quench my thirst No need to rehearse I keep it 100% sincere As I whisper these scriptures her ear No doubt, no fear, No pain, no strife When you keep a woman of God your life And I don't need a mic Or 95 likes 10,000 fans An audience clappin' they hands My 6 foot wing span Allows me to soar With the eagles Or follow the path of The Jonathan Livingston Seagull's It's all good, no evil And with all God's might Before I snooze or lose I choose to step Into the light And studying different religions Only gets you confused No need to dodge the cops ...don't have to watch fox news To understand Gods views I'm already a believer And fortune and fame I don't need either Because Jesus was a carpenter And I'm merely a word weaver And we choose to remain friends So I will never have to leave her