Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hmnnn..With all the tribulations going on in the world right now, Isis, the ebola epidemic, police brutality etc......It is heartwarming to see and share something like this..... If you do not know the story, here is a segment from the News....Monday, October 06, 2014 Even though the Cincinnati Bengals lost to the New England Patriots 43-17 on Sunday night's NFL game, Devon Still had a huge personal victory with the help of the Patriots' cheerleading squad. Still, 25, has been making headlines over the past few months after the Cincinnati Bengals added the tackle to their practice squad, enabling the player to still get health insurance to take care of his four-year-old daughter's cancer treatment. Bengals and NFL fans have been incredibly supportive of Still's daughter's struggle, and now the New England Patriots' cheerleading squad showed their support by donning jerseys of the Bengals' player in Sunday's game. Still was incredibly appreciative of the gesture, as this image captured by a Twitter user showed the player with gracious tear streaming down his cheek.

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